About Bumping animals

We’ll be soon releasing our first game for mobile titled Bumping Animals. As you can guess from the title, it will not be a First person shooter or a quantum physics simulator. : )  Let’s say it’s more of a casual game.

The gameplay is as simple as engaging: on the screen there will be a group of pigs who’ll bump against each other and the edges of the screen like pool balls. You will have no control over them but you have to defend them, as they will be assaulted by monsters. Every time a monster bounces into a pig it will wound it. So how can you defend your animals? By killing the enemies, of course! You can kill a monster by swiping across it but be careful: if by mistake you’ll swipe across a pig you’ll end up killing it too! So this game requires accuracy and alertness, especially as the levels go on and the challenges become more intense. And let’s not forget that your pigs can also… err… reproduce, when a female bumps into a male. Then little pigs will be born and you will have more animals (and more chances of winning).

There are currently 8 levels, all different from each other and puzzling in their own way. More will be added in the future. If you collect the necessary diamonds you will also be able to unlock other animals. And all of this will be free in this initial release!

Stay tuned as we’ll give more info about the release date soon. For now here are some screenshots of the game.




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